New CD Release: “Dan Trudell Fishin’ Again”
Feb. 17, 2023

A Tribute To Clyde Stubblefield & Dr. Lonnie Smith

When I first decided to record these songs I wrote for the band that I led with the original funky drummer, Clyde Stubblefield, it was just something I wanted to do in remembrance of the music we used to play together. If something good came out of the session, then maybe float the idea to release it in some form.

With that spirit in mind, I prepared for the session thinking about how much FUN we used to have on our gigs. Clyde was the epitome of a funky good time! I’ll never forget the first time I met and played with Clyde in Madison, Wisconsin on a gig led by trombonist Joel Adams. This man never stopped smiling and cracking jokes, but as soon as the downbeat hit, it was all business! The groove I felt was as deep as I wi11 ever feel in ANY genre.

Later in years, I was fortunate to get to play with the late great jazz drummer Jimmy Cobb and felt the same thing. Something was similar to both in the touch and undeniable solid groove. I once asked Clyde how he came up with his style, he honestly responded, “I don’t know” and then gave a big belly laugh! I believe his answer… he just felt music and didn’t want to think about anything but the groove. He was a true genius that was self taught which leads me to think about another great musician cut out of the same cloth, organist Dr. Lonnie Smith.

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